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Far & Away

Cody left for Fargo, by way of Minneapolis on Saturday to visit friends and family.  I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty jealous.  North Dakota (and MN) summers are the best. I mean really, truly, magical. 

The days are hot, perfect for thawing out your bones from a long winter. The nights are balmy, even cool, which is perfect for an evening outside sitting around the fire.  There’s something about being outside, looking across the prairie, that really puts life in perspective. That vast expanse stretching out in front as far as the eye can see makes you feel so small, and God, so big. It’s a refreshing feeling…something you can’t get in the hustle and bustle of urban sprawl.

Each time Cody leaves I try and psych myself up with a list of things I can get done while he’s gone, meals I can make that I know he wouldn’t enjoy as much (namely more vegetarian dishes and more pasta) and chick flicks I’ll watch to pass the time.

But then reality hits me. I turn into a lump of blah when he walks out that door. The “to dos” don’t get done because I’m less motivated, the recipes don’t get made because I lose most of my appetite, and the chick flicks just don’t do the trick. I’m pathetic, I know.

Butch and I spend the day missing our favorite guy…

I mean how could you not miss this face?

Ho-hum, he’s wonderful.

Alright, enough of this pitiful babble, I’ve got a To Do list to do and recipes to make!



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