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A Taste of Summer

It’s June in Florida, which means temperatures are well into the nineties, sweet tea is a daily necessity and I’m thanking God daily for creating Willis Carrier.  I can barely stand to turn on the oven, let alone be bothered to blow dry my hair, so this means I walk around looking like a damp, frizzy Komondor more often than not.


{my Komondor lookalike}

Last week I found something worth turning my oven on for….twice!

This cake is a little bit of magic and a whole lotta yummy goodness. When I first had a go at it, I couldn’t find any good looking strawberries (it’s a little late in the season, admittedly) so I picked up some blueberries and tried those instead. It turned out very nicely, but it still left me with the itch to try it with strawberries. My friend Elaina told me that I don’t have to be too picky with the strawberries because the sugar ends up baking them down into a delicious jammy goodness.

After giving the strawberries a go, I decided that I definitely prefer it that way, but really, you could try this cake with quite a few different summer fruits! Maybe fresh apricots, raspberries, blackberries or even cherries.

One of the things I love about this cake is that it’s quite easy to make. The also sugar forms this amazing crusty on the top that is delightful and maybe a little addicting!  I would suggest baking it in either a 9” or 8” cake pan (springform or regular) instead of a pie plate.  You could certainly serve it with fresh whipped cream or vanilla ice cream, but it’s really fabulous on it’s own.

I would post this recipe, but because Martha {I’m so sure} did such a great job of creating it, I’ll just send you right on over to get the recipe from her!

Strawberry Cake  by Martha Stewart